RCCG Teens Church

Who We Are


Teenagers live in a hyper-sensual culture without moral boundaries. As they tread on the threshold of adulthood, they are buffeted by the pressures of this culture.

Who we are:

The Teens Church is a sub-unit of the RCCG TEAP Junior Church called to communicate the need for God to a generation that is technologically savvy, sensitive to contemporary sights and sound and wired with i-pods and internet access.

The Teens Church is a congregation of over 100 teenagers within the age bracket of thirteen to nineteen (13-19) years of age drawn largely from Junior and Senior Secondary Schools and Universities both within and outside of Nigeria.

TEAP Teens Church Vision:

The RCCG TEAP Teens Church runs with the vision of the Junior Church to raise responsible and God fearing teenagers who are not only bold but confident in living the life of Christ and articulate in explaining their faith in their neighborhood, schools and anywhere they find themselves. We are seizing the moment, knowing they will soon grow into adults. In active collaboration with their parents, we mentor and model Christ to them to the end that they might grow into responsible adults who will one day become leaders with Christian culture and character.


  • Regular Sunday Service meetings throughout the duration of TEAP Celebration Services. All Teen Church services are interactive. The Strategy is Worship, Word and Warfare!
  • Sunday Services are structured to include Talks; Discussions; Video/Film shows, Games, Bible Quiz and etc.
  • Every first Sunday of the month, the Teens are blessed with ministration through Video/Film Show and on the same Sunday divided into groups depending on the number of weeks remaining for the month besides the first week.
  • Every group has a coordinator who directs their programme of activities when its their own week to minister within the month.
  • Teenagers coordinate the activities of the Sunday service under the direct supervision of a teacher, who equally do the word’s ministration.
  • Refreshment is part of the entertainment to close the service for the day.
  • Teen Church is equally involved in the Church Evangelism through visits to Orphanage Homes, hosting of Seminars and Career Conferences.
  • In addition to the above, regular discussions are held on Facebook, Twitter and What’s App, where TEAP Teens within and outside Nigeria meet to discuss issues and shares ideas

Work Force:

All Teen Church Teachers are not only efficient; they are accomplished professionals and great parents. They work together to foster an open atmosphere that promotes honest communication, candor and confidence in building ambassadors for Christ!