Chinedu Azodoh

Chinedu Azodoh

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, max.ng
2021 Speaker


Chinedu is co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of MAX.NG, a company focused on building mobility, financial services and EV infrastructure for Africa's $100 billion transportation industry. Last year, MAX closed a $7.5m fundraising round backed by Yamaha, Mastercard, Novastar Ventures and Breakthrough Ventures, representing the largest fundraise by a mobility company in sub-Saharan Africa. Chinedu attended the Sloan School of Management in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he graduated with a master's degree in finance. He also possesses bachelor's degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering, both from the Illinois Institute of Technology. A multi-award winner who is recognized as one of the leading lights in the tech space on the continent, Chinedu was a finalist for the 2019 Forbes Africa 30-under-30 in Business and Technology.


From the Conference

  • Your success formula is O + P
     O = Opportunity
     P = Preparation
  • Harness your Opportunities by turning or converting your fear, which is a natural human emotion to fuel that propels you to success
  • To convert fear to fuel you need to:
     Plan - research
     Prepare
     Practice – execute
  • When preparation meets opportunity, the equation is P + O = S
  • Life is full of up and down moments, and once in a while, you must be willing to stoop to conquer