Dr Sarah Alade

Dr Sarah Alade

Fmr. Acting Governor, CBN
2016 Speaker


Dr Sarah Alade was the acting governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria during the suspension of Lamido Sanusi until his tenure ended. She was appointed to the post by President Goodluck Jonathan on 20 February 2014. Alade was appointed acting governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria from 20 February 2014 until the appointment of Godwin Emefiele. Prior to this time, she had served as deputy governor (Economic Policy), Central Bank of Nigeria from 26 March 2007

Dr Sarah Alade represented the CBN Governor (Godwin Emefiele) and spoke at the 2016 RCCG Teap Teens Conference on Never toy with your Future where she highlighted the following:

  • Dream Big
  • Improve your knowledge as you go the extra mile – Extra focus; extra care; extra patience
  • Build yourself, build your goals